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Jeff Francis Real Estate Agent North Vancouver

At the best of times, a qualified and experienced realtor works closely with their clients to expertly navigate a competitive real estate market so that they get the best deal possible.  A realtor can help you understand the typical market price of similar homes whether you are buying or selling property in North Vancouver.

Realtors help home owners prepare their homes for sale and help home buyers identify quality properties that meet their needs.  During a pandemic, your realtor will utilize their expertise so that the impact of the pandemic is mitigated as much as possible.

Buying and Selling North Vancouver Real Estate during a Pandemic

Nothing is “normal” right now.  Our lives have been turned upside down, and the real estate market in North Vancouver is certainly experiencing the effects of the economic and social challenges we are all facing.  By working with the Jeff Francis Group, not only can you rest easy knowing that your real estate needs are met – both as a buyer and a seller, but you can also trust that you are working with an expert who knows how to respond to a rapidly changing landscape.

As far as North Vancouver realtors are concerned, Jeff Francis is skilled in predicting market conditions and changes.  He relies on the most up-to-date information available and expertly analyzes real estate markets by observing trends and evaluating historical data while always keeping an eye on current events.

Buying and Selling North Vancouver Real Estate during a Pandemic

Additionally, Jeff Francis has an eclectic background from which he derives his expertise.  With experience in financing, commercial and residential real estate, real estate development, and brokerage, he has built a highly successful firm wherein he sees the real estate market from a variety of angles.  He quickly and effectively adapts to market trends, and this has served him well in adapting to new ways of doing things during a global pandemic.  He can assist clients through virtual showings, safety protocols, and all the nuances of buying and selling in North Vancouver even while our individual and collective consciousness is ultimately focused on our ongoing health and safety.

In other words, while there are new challenges to buying and selling homes during these difficult times, Jeff Francis has the skills and expertise to walk his clients through new procedures with ease and confidence buying and selling North Vancouver Real Estate during a pandemic.